12:45 pmREGISTRATIONThe Amphitheater Pre-Function Foyer, 2nd Level

1:15 pmWELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONGeorge S. Chrysant, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD; Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

1:20 pmKEYNOTE LECTURE | Top Ten Pearls for Your FellowshipJames B. Hermiller, MD

SESSION I BASICSModerators: Sudeshna Banerjee, MD and George S. Chrysant, MDPanelists: Corey G. Foster, MD; Howard I. Kurz, MD; Jasvindar Singh, MD

1:45 pmAccess: Femoral Radial – Newer Techniques to Minimize Complications Howard I. Kurz, MD

2:00 pmInterventional Toolkit (Wires, Specialty Products, Etc.) Sudeshna Banerjee, MD

2:15 pmLesion Preparation Corey G. Foster, MD

2:30 pmWhat Stent to UsePrashanth D. Thakker, MD; Christian McNeely, MD; Samuel Lindner, MD

SESSION II IMAGING AND PHYSIOLOGYModerators: Karim Al-Azizi, MD and George S. Chrysant, MDPanelists: Richard G. Bach, MD; Sukhjinder S. Nijjer, MBChB, PhD; Jasvindar Singh, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD

2:45 pmUpdate in PhysiologySukhjinder S. Nijjer, MBChB, PhD

3:05 pmIVUS BasicsMarc A. Sintek, MD

3:25 pmBREAK


3:40 pmGROUP A – The Amphitheater
Fellow Presenter: Christian McNeely, MD
Moderators: Karim Al-Azizi, MD; Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

 GROUP B – The Ambassador Room
Fellow Presenter: Samuel Lindner, MD
Moderators: Stilianos Efstratiadis, MD; S. Jay Mathews, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD

SESSION IV HANDS-ON SESSIONSFaculty: George S. Chrysant, MD; John M. Lasala, MD, PhD; S. Jay Mathews, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD

4:30 pmHEART ANATOMY – Plaza Room
Supported by: Abbott
Moderator: John M. Lasala, MD, PhD

5:15 pm

Demonstration Stations – Consulate Room, Pavilion RoomSupported by: Abiomed, BIOTRONIK, Boston Scientific Corporation, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc., Cardiva Medical / Haemonetics, Gore & Associates, Medtronic, Philips, Shockwave Medical
Moderators: All Faculty

  • Ultrasound Guided Access
  • IVUS
  • Laser
  • Simulators


EVENING SESSION – Supported by Phillips

6:45 pm –
8:30 pm
Dinner Symposium The Solarium

7:00 pmFellows Case Competition
Moderators: Karim Al-Azizi, MD; George S. Chrysant, MD; Stuart T. Higano, MD;
S. Jay Mathews, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD; Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

7:30 pmFellows Jeopardy Marc A. Sintek, MD and Prashanth D. Thakker, MD