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April 9-12, 2025

Hosted at The Ritz-Carlton,
St. Louis, in St. Louis, Missouri

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The ARCH Consortium brings together leaders in cardiology from around the globe to our world-class educational hubs in St. Louis, Missouri and Honolulu, Hawaii, designed to make a difference in the lives of cardiology specialists and their patients.

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Roosters, with their early morning calls, are often seen as heralds of the new day, representing new beginnings and fidelity. Their behavior of roosting— resting on perches—is tied to their role in emblematically watching over the flock.
Architecturally and metaphorically, the arch characterizes strength, support and passage. The symbolism of walking through an arch signals a season of transition, rebirth or entering into a new phase of life.
These symbols, the rooster and the arch, interweave themes of resilience, renewal, and the heralding of new phases. They remind us of the constant presence of opportunities to begin anew and the enduring strength required to embrace them, urging us to rise to the challenges and transitions of life.

New Day, New Horizon


Jasvindar Singh, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Professor of Medicine
Director, ARCH Consortium
Section Chief, Interventional & Structural Cardiology
Washington University School of Medicine/
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri

ARCH Symposium Interviews


The Advanced Revascularization-Chapter XVII (ARCH) Symposium held in St. Louis has been the nation’s premier interventional cardiology course specifically designed for the busy practicing physician and trainees.

ARCH will continue to focus on evidence-based data, newer technological advances, case-based discussions, tips and tricks in complex cases, innovative therapeutic strategies that will enable physicians to treat their patients with high-risk and complex coronary, peripheral vascular and structural anatomy.

Attendees will learn from experts on the use of novel techniques and interventional tools, new CTO techniques, hemodynamic support during high-risk coronary, peripheral and structural interventions and decompensated heart failure, structural heart disease interventions and novel intravascular and non-invasive coronary anatomy / physiology techniques. In addition, use of newer adjunctive imaging modalities to optimize coronary, peripheral and structural interventions outcomes will be presented. Newer treatment options for hypertension, imaging and the latest pharmacotherapy advances will be discussed.


      • Excellent live cases to gain an understanding of the optimal treatment of serious complications of coronary, peripheral and structural interventions.                                                                      
      • Keynote Lectures from Experts in their Field                                                                     
      • Describe the advances in interventional cardiology, heart failure and hypertension therapies.                                                                     
      • Discuss controversies and interventional dilemmas / focus on procedural strategies for success.                                                                     
      • Identify the expanding role of interventional cardiovascular procedures performed in office-based labs (OBL) and ambulatory surgical centers (ASC).                                                                     
      • Review the use and impact of adjunctive imaging modalities, IVUS, OCT, MRA and CT angiography.                                                                     
      • Learn tips and tricks for coronary, peripheral and structural interventions in technically difficult and high-risk subsets.                                                                     
      • Define the use of percutaneous left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) in complex, high risk cases.                                                                     
      • State-of-the-art discussion / Q&A with National & International recognized experts .


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